Network Design

CBI can design and install a scalable, robust, performance optimized, and cost effective Network Infrastructure.

We can design and install a scalable, robust, performance optimized, and cost effective Network Infrastructure. We can provide cost effective System Analysis, Network Design, Installation, and Troubleshooting. We can even upgrade your current network without significant financial outlay. Let CBI improve the quality of service to your user base while remaining scalable, and cost effective.

CBI can design, install and support a variety of Enterprise Management Solutions that provide for a single point of control over applications, systems, services, connections, and network devices throughout your enterprise.

Wireless Networks

CBI can provide the latest wireless technology to overcome wiring difficulties at your premises. At speeds of 108Mbps, wireless connection is currently faster than most standard network cards making wireless a real alternative connectivity solution

Network Audits

CBI offers a comprehensive auditing service - which is particularly suited for small and medium sized enterprises as well as schools and colleges.

Audits are an important part of systems management in today's fast changing computer world. Not all organisations have the capability or the time to keep track of hardware and software being used by personnel - this means when it comes time to purchase an upgrade, new equipment or new software, decisions can be made based on wrong information and thus money is wasted.

Audits have a reputation of being time consuming and some people consider them a waste of valuable personnel time - with CBI this is not the case.

We first discuss with the client the objectives of the Audit and the methodology to be used to attain those objectives. A decision will than be made on the best time suitable to the client to carry out the Audit, be it after hours or at a weekend, etc.

A comprehensive report will be prepared based on the methodology agreed - if required, the report can also include recommendations depending on the client's requirements.


CBI & Faronics

CBI is the country partner for Faronics in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Dedicated to reducing support costs, eliminating downtime and increasing user productivity, Faronics enterprise capable software actively protects any multi-user environment.

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