My Endpoint Protector

Manage devices connected to your company network from the cloud

My Endpoint Protector allows you to manage all PC and Mac ports/endpoints from one centralized online console. With My Endpoint Protector you can minimize the risks of data loss and data theft that are posed by USB flash drives or other portable storage devices. Perfect for Home users and Small Enterprises as it does not require any hardware/software resources.

Centralised Device Management

The online administrative console offers a complete overview of all device activity at endpoints allowing to centrally monitor and control the use of USB flash drives and other portable storage devices.

Support for Mac OS X and Windows (XP, Vista, 7)

With My Endpoint Protector you can make portable device use secure in networks where Macs and PCs are used. This widens your security and offers an even more secure working environment.

Reporting and Analysis

The reporting and analysis tool allows you to closely analyze all device fleet activity at endpoints.

Security as a Service

Controlling ports and USB devices through a server in the cloud is the best solution for you to centrally manage one or more PCs or MACs without having to become an IT expert.

Device use Policy Enforcement

With My Endpoint Protector you will comply with government regulations, industry standards and IT governance in regard to data leakage prevention. Enforcing internal device use policies will be very easy.


Using Enforced Encryption with TrustedDevices ensures that all endpoint devices are not only authorized and controlled but also protecting sensitive and confidential data in transit. If you or one of your colleagues loses a USB device, the data on it cannot be read as it is encrypted.

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