Computers in schools have the power to enhance the classroom experience for both students and teachers. But the benefits can easily be lost to distractive elements such as games, instant messaging, and web surfing.

Designed with the needs of teachers in mind, Faronics Insight is the ultimate classroom management system that empowers teachers with full control over classroom technology and student progress. Faronics Insight enables teachers to harness the educational and productive aspects of computers, while minimizing distractive behavior and temptations

Teachers love the fact that they can share their screen with students, provide remote assistance to students from a central console, and monitor classroom screens to ensure students are on task. Students appreciate the ability to request and receive help directly in their workstation session, and have their voice heard through classroom voting. With the ability to disable applications, Internet access, and blank student screens, teachers can quickly gain student attention when required.

Insight Console

  • Easily access the console through the system tray menu
  • Manage students in a list view or by thumbnails
  • Access features through menus, icons or a right click
  • Full access to all computer functions

Screen Sharing

  • Show the teacher's screen on the students' monitors
  • Full Screen mode makes the teacher's screen take over the entire student screen and lock-out the student's mouse and keyboard
  • Windowed mode makes the teacher's screen appear in a re-sizeable window on the student's machine
  • Draw on the screen to highlight important details
  • Allow a student to demonstrate their screen to the other students in the class

Remote Control

  • Grab the students' attention by blanking their screen and locking out their keyboard and mouse
  • While blanking their screen, display a custom message to the class
  • Help a student by taking control of their computer‘s monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Optionally disable the student's keyboard and mouse during a remote control session

Classroom Monitoring

  • Take a snapshot of the student's current computer screen
  • View up to 256 hi-color thumbnails at the same time
  • The active application and last visited website appear as icons on the thumbnail
  • View a student's Internet browsing history for that day
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