You have a USB stick full with pictures or other important personal data. What if one day you lose somehow your USB stick or it gets stolen? What if someone finds it? What if they find your information? Avoid this now by using EasyLock.

EasyLock creates a hidden and encrypted area on your USB flash drive. If you have private files and you’re worried that somebody might access them if you lose your USB flash drive or portable hard drive, you can protect them by password-based military grade AES 256-bit CBC-mode encryption with EasyLock. It works seamlessly on Windows, Mac and Linux in order to secure the data on your USB device.

Designed for reliable security

EasyLock protects data stored on USB devices, being compliant with the highest security regulations and ready to match enterprise grade requirements.

For Windows, Mac and Linux

It also works with Windows, Mac and Linux to ensure cross-platform security for your portable data.

Military-grade Date Encryption

The EasyLock cryptographic engine provides government-approved 256bit AES CBC-mode encryption used in military and government. In other words, it’s perfectly secure.

Strong security mechanisms

Password protection and anti tampering techniques to ensure application integrity.

Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface

It couldn’t be easier for you to use EasyLock. Just drag and drop the files and your data is both safe and portable.

Keep your data while on the go

Anywhere you go, you can carry your important files and data with you, safely and secured.

Enforced Encryption

Supporting the TrustedDevice technology, EasyLock fully integrates with our data leakage prevention application Endpoint Protector 4, controlling USB flash drives other and portable devices while enforcing encryption of data in transit.

Regulatory Compliance

For enterprise, business and governmental use where data encryption is an essential requirement for regulatory compliance, EasyLock offers the right protection for all data stored on portable devices.

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